Monday, 16 March 2015

My Top 3 Foundations.

Hey everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope you're all having a pleasant week. Today I want to review my favourite foundations and hopefully it can give you ideas on what your next foundation purchase would be. If you didn't already know, I am a foundation junkie!! If I had £100 to spend on makeup, a majority of it would go on foundation. I guess I am constantly on a mission to find the most perfect foundation out there, and although I feel as sometimes I have found it- something else comes along. It's a makeup product I will probably always obsess over. 
I looked at my many foundations today and I narrowed it down to my top 3, but it was so hard to choose. When I first got these gems, I fell in love with them, so I felt it was needed that I mention them and tell you why I fell in love with them in the first place :)

Just for reference my skin type is normal/combination, I have an oily T-Zone and some dry areas such as under my eyes. I do prefer a more natural/satin finish foundation as opposed to a matte one as I feel it makes my skin less dull and much more awake. You may also think that the choice in foundation shades I make are very dark/yellowy, that is because I fake tan on a regular basis. I don't hate pale skin at all, I just feel more comfortable in myself with a bit of a tan, therefore my foundation shades will be a lot darker than my natural skin tone :)

Now onto the foundations....


The first foundation I am absolutely loving is the MAC Studio Sculpt in NC35. I only bought this foundation a few days ago and I am already loving it to death. I was skeptical about trying another MAC foundation as I have tried previous ones that I believe didn't live up to their hype or their slightly pricier cost. But I did a lot of research into this foundation,(and when I mean a lot, I mean 6 months worth) by watching YouTube reviews online as well as other blogposts, and trying to find out if it would suit my skin type. So the other day I decided to bite the bullet and buy it, and I'm glad I didn't wait any longer as it is amazing. I consider it as one of the best foundations I have ever tried.

It is a "gel-based", "water resistant" foundation that provides a medium/buildable coverage with a natural satin finish and makes the skin look really healthy and glowy, without it being too shiny.

It is a thicker foundation but doesn't feel heavy on the skin, despite the amazing coverage it gives.

What I also love is the amount of product you get. You receive 40ml of product which is 10ml more than the average amount of a foundation. And I can feel this product lasting me for a while as a little goes such a long way, meaning no wasted product. Plus the packaging is convenient too.

The lasting power is great even without a primer so it is reliable for both nights out and during a working day.

I would recommend that if you have oilier skin (like myself) then set your oily parts with powder to avoid your oil showing. This product is mainly aimed at those with dryer skin as it provides that satin effect, but as a person with slightly oily skin, it is still amazing.

I'm so glad a purchased this as I can tell it would be my new 'holy grail' product, and I completely believe it is worth the money!

I give this foundation a 9/10 and its available at MAC or online at Debenhams for £25.


Now I have mentioned this foundation before in a previous blogpost so I wont bore you with the amazing details again all I will just say that it's:


-Light/Medium Coverage (can be buildable)
-Great value for money
-Great colour selection
-Can get colour matched at a No7 counter
-Lasts all day

This foundation and MAC Studio Sculpt are my more or less everyday foundations that I switch between. I can't say anything more other than it is amazing!

This foundation gets a 8/10 and is available to buy at Boots for £14.


These foundations have been raved about all online. It seems if you want to achieve a 'healthy-looking glow', these are the foundations to come to.

I have owned the serum foundation (right) for ages and I love it. It provides a light to medium coverage with a nice dewey finish. It lasts on my skin for around 8 hours which is standard, but much less than the '16 hour wear' promise. It glides over my dry patches though it does have a tendency to make me slightly oily in my t-zone, but nothing bit of powder won't fix. Although I love this foundation, I felt like it could be better in some ways, such as the coverage. That's why I recently purchased the original 'Healthy Mix Foundation'.

Once I put this on my face, I could tell that although the colour names were the same, the original Healthy Mix was slightly lighter, but nothing to major. I feel like this foundation was what I was exactly looking for as it has the same qualities of the serum, though with a slightly heavier coverage, which is EXACTLY what I needed. It's a bit less dewey than the serum but still gives a healthy glow, and as it makes me less oily, it lasts on my skin for much longer than the serum does. PLUS, it's £1 cheaper than the serum so bonus. They're both amazing foundations I feel, though if you have much dryer skin that has little imperfections, the serum would be best suited to you. 
I should also warn you that both foundations have a small shade range and colours which are quite yellow-toned, so definately test it out before you buy them in store so it doesnt look too orangey on you :)
After trying many drugstore/highstreet foundations, these I can say are definately my favourite! LOVE LOVE LOVE 

I give the 'Healthy Mix Serum' a 7/10 (£10.99) and the 'Healthy Mix Foundation'(£9.99) 9/10 and they're available at Superdrug and Boots.

I really hope this post was helpful to you lot and gave you some inspiration on what foundations to try out next.

Love you lots

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