Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Steps to the 'Faux Freckles' look

I am seeing more and more pictures on Instagram and YouTube of beauty vloggers and celebrities pulling off the "faux freckles' look and I can't blame them. I think freckles are great and if you have them naturally you're very lucky! But some of us don't, so I have created a quick step by step do's and don'ts to creating the freckle look. I am not a makeup artist or a professional, but this is my personal opinion of how to achieve this look and making it look as realistic as it can be.

DON'T use a full coverage foundation

This is a very common thing I see in many tutorials, a full coverage foundation with the freckles on top. Sure this can look good for photoshoots where the freckles need to stand out alone, but for everyday, it doesn't seem to work. Most people add freckles to create a more youthful and natural look to their face, and by wearing a full coverage foundation you won't be able to achieve that. It also doesn't make sense since a lot of full coverage foundations would cover up freckles, making it seem a lot more fake. Stick to something between the light-medium coverage as it would make them look a whole lot more believable.

DON'T over do the amount

Yes there are a lot of people who have many freckles on their face and that's fantastic. But if over half your face is covered in brown pencil, it can be hard to pull off, especially if you go home one day with nothing on your face and turn up the next with 100s of freckles, people will be suspicious. The nose and cheek area are the places where freckles are most common, so start small and work your way up to the desired about. Think about the areas on your face where the sun would normally catch it and focus there. BONUS TIP: If you have a tan on your face, add it to those areas most as it would look a lot more natural that way.

DO make sure you use the correct colour

Choosing the correct colour of your freckles is vital to achieving the most natural look possible, this is completely dependent on your skin tone though. Begin with using your natural hair colour as a guide to how dark your freckles should be. For example, those with red hair tend to get freckles frequently that are brown with a red/gingery undertone, while those with very fair hair would get ones that are more on the brown/taupe side. Take into account the colour you use for your brows as well, lighter eyebrows means lighter freckles. Start of light and gradually get darker to suit your skin tone. If you're wanting to create an even more natural look, have 3 shades of brown to use to create the freckles, begin with the lighter colour on the majority of the face and add darker ones to areas such as the nose and cheeks. Add only a few spots of the brown to the face so it doesn't seem overdone.

DO use the correct tools

Now because there are so many ways to create the freckles it is important to use the correct tools and products. The main 2 products people use are a brown pencil, or an eyeshadow. Both of these are good to use but I would personally prefer a matte eyeshadow and a brush. 

One of the best brushes to use is the ZOEVA 315 Fine Liner brush. It creates accurate dots for those freckles but still allows it looking soft and not too harsh. Although not my personal preference, when using a pencil, i recommend an eyebrow pencil instead of a regular eyeliner pencil. The reason being is that eyebrow pencils are formulated differently and wouldn't come across too harsh on the skin. They also come in a wide range of natural colours which would narrow down the search when finding the colour. Just make sure to sharpen it regularly before applying, as using a blunt pencil can make the freckles smudge.

Also make sure to go over the top of your freckles with a bit of power on a brush or sponge to lighten them and make it seem more with your skin. This step is vital to make them seem a lot more natural.

DON'T neglect your forehead and chin

In my opinion, this is one of the most important steps when creating the freckle look, not putting any on your forehead or chin. Yes it is common to have the majority of the freckles on the chin and cheek area, but by not putting any at all on anywhere else on the face would really make it seem less believable.

This is most important if your face has 0 freckles at all, by just putting even a couple of dots on other areas of your face, it would really enhance the look and make it appear a lot more natural. Trust me, it works.

(I do have some freckles, but majority I did add to my face)

Anyway I hope these tips helped you when achieving the faux freckles look. Like I said, I am not a makeup artist or professional, but these are just some steps I created in order to help those of you who are wanting to try it out. At the end of the day, it's fun so why not try it?!

Have a lovely day guys,

love Em xoxo

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