Friday, 7 November 2014

Life Update

Hey guys long time no see! First off I want to apologise for not posting in so long. Long story short I have recently moved to university and trying to sort out my life, and had little inspiration for a blog post for a while. I didn't feel comfortable just to put a random post that had little or no thought involved as I feel you guys deserve better. 
Now I have had time to think about future posts I have LOADS of idea's for blog posts in the up and coming months. Right now this isn't a beauty related post but more of a life update just to show you what's been happening, where I have been, and what to expect in the future.

So if you didn't already know I had an ambition to go to university in Liverpool this year, and I was luckily enough to get accepted and I moved up there in September! I am now a Liverpool John Moores University student studying BA Drama which I am super excited and happy for :D Going to uni was one of the best decisions I have made as not only do I get to study the subject I love in a city I love, but I have also met some amazing and talented people that I love to be around.

I will say one thing that if you have not been to Liverpool yet...GO. It is a brilliant city, especially for students as it has an amazing and lively atmosphere (including the nightlife) and it also has amazing attractions. I may sound like a travel agent right now but I'm just showing you how much I love the area and how moving here was the best decision ever for me. 


Sorry for the scrap book pictures but you get the gist that I'm loving uni.

In regards to why I hadn't posted in a while, in all honestly I was doubting myself with having a blog as it takes huge responsibility to maintain and I was worried whether I could commit myself to it. I was worried that history would repeat itself and I would delete my blog after a short while like last time as I felt like the content in it was useless. But now having so much inspiration for future posts I have no doubt anymore and I will continue to post on a regular basis. (Although prepare for some slight delays just incase my life is taken over by rehearsals and mountains of coursework)

Either way I am excited to start posting more on this next chapter in my life and also providing you guys with entertaining posts that you hopefully enjoy.

Have a great weekend you lovely people!

Lots of love 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Makeup organisation & storage.

Hey there everyone! Hope you've had an awesome week and bank holiday. For today's post I thought I would do something that I believe could help all those who are like me, disorganised, busy, and sometimes a bit lazy. I'm mainly talking about how to organised and store your makeup. I have had my makeup organised like this for around a year and it's amazing how much easier it is for me to be able to get ready in the morning without having to rummage through a massive makeup bag trying to find just an eyebrow pencil. 
Obviously I am aware that this is not for everyone's taste as some of you may have a much larger collection and some of you a much smaller one as you feel like you don;t need it and that's perfectly fine. But I reckon the drawers I use would be ideal for office supplies as opposed to makeup, so it's up to you :D

So let's just start with the general layout of my makeup. This drawer uni was £15 from Ikea which I think it's pretty good considering you can paint the drawers and redesign them to fit your room (although I'm not creative enough for that) and it holds a decent amount. 
The mirror is a portable mirror from Revlon which is battery powered so if you need to, you could travel with it. Pretty handy. You can buy this at Boots and possibly Superdrug 

I keep my lip products such as lipglosses, lipsticks and liners on the top of the unit and I like to keep them separate from each other just to make it easier for me to find things. I use to keep them all in one of the smaller drawers in the unit but that became a nightmare to find anything! So I bought this lipstick holder from ebay for around £5 but they come in different sizes and prices and you can also get them on Amazon so I recommend just shopping around to get the best deal.

When I first bought this, I thought 24 spaces would be enough for all my lipsticks to fit, and I was totally wrong! I underestimated my lipstick collection, so I gave the ones I didn't use as much which were some No7 and Clinique lipsticks to my mum as I reckon they were originally hers and I just 'borrowed' them ;)
(Just to let you know that some larger lipsticks such as some of the No7 packaging doesn't fit in the holder, so maybe think of an alternative if you own a lot of them :))

As I had no room at all to put my lipglosses, I decided to place them in a clay pot I made at school in year 5. So DIY  ;) but I probably would have placed them in another lipstick holder if I bought another one, but I'm happy with where they are now :)

Short and sweet, these brush holders are the packaging that ice watches come in as I had nothing else and I didn't want to waste them....basically. 
I like to keep my Naked 3 palette out as I use it almost everyday and it's just easier for me to grab and I also keep my Benefit book "How to look the best at everything" out as it acts as a nice display for the unit.

In the first small drawers I keep my powder products such as blush, bronzer, powder and highlighter. (as you can see it's very tightly packed).
In the middle drawer there is all my eye products apart from my eyeshadow. So it's go eye primer and eyelash curlers, different eyeliners and mascaras and it also has my eyebrow pencil.
The right drawer contains little eyeshadow palette by Makeover Essentials and Clinique, as well as individual eyeshadows and cream shadows by MAC and Maybelline. I also have a random shimmer bronzer I don't use a lot in there as it doesn't fit in with my others as well as my eyebrow kit.

The two middle sized drawers contains my face products. The one on the left contains all my skincare such a face primers, setting sprays, moisturisers etc.
The one on the right contains my all of my foundations, BB creams (one of them which I recently lost on holiday :')) and concealers. It's very hard for me to keep this drawer tidy as I always seem to be buying foundations and different shaped concealers which makes it hard to stack neatly.

The last drawer is known as my 'fake drawer'. This is because it contains all of my fake tan, tanning moisturisers as well as fake blood, latex and eyeshadow palette I use for Halloween makeup or extremely bright I wouldn't use everyday. 

This is the drawer I don't use as much as it just contains such random things, I also put some samples in there and general makeup I don't use/ like which I really should throw away.

So I hope this gave you readers some idea's on how to organise your makeup and not be a total mess like I am :)
Hope this helps and you all had an awesome bank holiday!
love you guys, 
Em xxx

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Hey guys! This blog is going to be a simple face of the night and outfit of the night post on my look I wore for my results night out last Thursday.
I found out that I got into my first choice university and I will be studying BA Drama at Liverpool John Moores University. I move in just under 3 week and I am so excited for freshers and just starting the next chapter in my life somewhere different. 
ANYWAY let's get on with the post.


L'Oreal Lumi Magic Primer
No7 Stay Perfect Foundation (Honey)
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
L'Oreal True Match Powder (W3) 
Bourjois Bronzing Primer
MAC Blush (Peachy Keen)
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer
Naked 3 Palette (Dust-all over lid)
Naked 3 Palette (Factory-In crease)
Naked 3 Palette (Strange-Inner eye corner)
Rimmel pencil eyeliner (Black-top and bottom lash line)
Rimmel Scandaleyes Precision Micro Liner
Benefit They're Real Mascara
Ardell Natural Demi Wispies Lashes
(Random eyebrow pencil in Blonde)
MAC lipstick (Hue)


Playsuit-Miss Selfridge
Shoes (not featured)-New Look

My beautiful friend Hattie xox
Thanks for reading today's post guys! Sorry for the quickness and just to warn, posts might be less frequent for the next few weeks due to uni and sorting stuff out. But I'll still be here! :D
Love you guys
Emily xxx

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Current Favourite Makeup Products

Hey angels! So as promised this post is a current favourites focusing on makeup. Since I wanted to take the pictures early, I also decided to write the post as I had some spare time. This means you get 2 blog posts in 1 day, lucky you ;) There are a few things I have been constantly using for a while and I describe my holy grail products.

1.) The first product I swear by is the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. This palette is the 3rd edition to one of the best selling eyeshadow palettes and features 12 "rose toned nude eyeshadows". I got this as an 18th birthday present from my best friends and I am so grateful and I use it almost everytime I wear eyeshadow. The eyeshadows are such high quality and super pigmented, and by adding the Urban Decay Primer Potion before hand, you're set to go and your makeup would last all day!!

 The retail price is the same as the other 2 Naked palettes at £37. It may seem pricey, but if you divide that by 12, that's around £3 per eyeshadow which is high quality. Some drugstore brands such as Maybelline have eyeshadows that cost up to £6 for one. Therefore if you love eyeshadow as much as I do, you're saving yourself money just buying the palette. Ontop of that, you get a decent sized mirror and a duel ended eyeshadow brush, which is much better than the typical sponge applicators palettes usually have. So in my opinion, you cant go wrong buying either of the 3 palettes, it just depends on what shades you prefer.

(Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside, Blackheart)

On a daily basis I use the lightest colour 'strange' on the inner corner of my eye to make my eyes look brighter, and I tend to sweep 'dust' and 'burnout' over my lid, just to add some colour. I love the different looks you can create from this palette, from sweet and romantic, to dark and smokey, it can all be created with one palette. I used this for my prom eye makeup and I loved it :) 
Overall definitely a 10/10 in my book. You can buy any of the naked palettes at Debenhams.

2.) My next favourite is a foundation that is probably the best foundation I have every used, and it is No7 Stay Perfect Foundation that can be purchased from Boots. I stumbled along this foundation as I had run out of nearly every foundation I owned and I planned to buy my trusty L'Oreal True Match Foundation as well as an evening foundation. I did use to use Mac ProLongwear Foundation for special events, but I always noticed that it didn't have the best coverage and the colour was too dark for me. I then popped over to the No7 counter and had myself colour matched and I am so glad I did. All my other foundations (even my L'Oreal one) have been replaced and I use this foundation constantly.
No7 Stay Perfect Foundation-Shade: Honey

It provides a Medium coverage that is buildable and can also be sheered out and gives a natural finish with a slight radiance. I prefer to use my fingers when applying this as it blends out a lot nicer and gives better coverage (also saves time). The main reason why I love this foundation is that it looks so natural! Your skin looks flawless but still looks like you have hardly anything on your face which is a bonus. It also promises to last for "up to 24 hours". I have personally not worn it for that long, but it does last all day, even without a primer! 

Its a perfect foundation for me, great colour range, adaptable coverage, good lasting power, natural look, and affordable. It costs £14 from Boots and is just amazing.

3.) The next product I have only had for 2 days, and I already love it! It's Rimmel Scandaleyes Precision Micro Liner. Ever since I first started wearing liquid eyeliner, I always found it a struggle and effort to make it look nice and neat. I then discovered felt tip liners which are perfect if you're like me and are rubbish at liquid liner and lazy :) They are much easier for you to control your line and generally quicker. I use to swear by the L'Oreal Superliner as it let me have great control over my liner. The only problem is that the tip very quickly goes soft (not an innuendo ;)) which means it isn't really reliable in the long term. 

As I was looking for a new eyeliner I stumbled along this gem for only around £3. I never thought I would get such good results from a brilliant product. The main reason I love it is that dependent on the pressure your apply, you can alter the thickness of your liner and create different cat eye looks.

 The felt tip also feeds through a lot of the liner meaning I don't have to go over certain spots to make it more opaque or dramatic. Although I am not sure about how this product would last in the long term, I am already super impressed and by such an affordable product. A* from me!

 4.) I have owned this product for a while and I am now on my 3rd jar because I love it that much. It's the Bourjois Bronzing Primer, which is known for being a dupe of the famous Soleil Tan de Chanel which I also own. When I first got this product I had no clue how to use it, because it said primer I use to apply it before my foundation, but once all my makeup was on there was no difference. I then tried it as a regular bronzer and struggled with the fact that it was liquidy and it made my skin look patchy. I then tried using a kabubi brush and lighty dabbed it into the product and then swirled it round in the lid to wipe off the excess, then with the brush I applied it like a normal bronzer. After using that technique, I fell in love with it.

 It creates the most natural, bronzed and sunkissed look without it looking obvious you have bronzer on. I personally only contour my face heavily for a special occasion so this product would be perfect for you if you're like me and like to make your face look slightly defined but still looking natural. 
As well as that, a little bit of this stuff goes a long long way. Unlike the Chanel bronzer, it is much more pigmented and easier to blend into the skin, creating the look of a naturally tanned face, without the sun, tanning bed or fake tan. 

It also smells like chocolate! So in a nutshell you can't go wrong! Any product that is amazing AND smells like chocolate is a winner in my books! Overall this is a product I use every single day and is the better dupe for the Chanel bronzer and at a fraction of the price! WINNER! 

You can purchase it at Superdrug and Boots for £9.99.

5.) Personally I never use to be the biggest lipgloss wearer, I was much more of a lipstick person as they last much longer and look more obvious on your lips and your hair doesn't get stuck in it. But I have been using this lipgloss which is the bella bama by Benefit constanly in the summer and I love it!

For Christmas I got a pack of 6 Benefit lip glosses and I thought I would try them out. This lipgloss has definitely been my favourite as it creates a lovely shine and colour on your lips, without it being sticky. In the summer I rarely wear dark or red lipstick as I prefer to go for a pinky nude lip. But this lipgloss finishes your look by making you still look natural and summery and adding a pop of colour onto your face. Although it is very sheer, it is also quit buildable, and when on your lips it would make a difference.

 I never leave home without this lipgloss, and is a definate must have in my makeup bag this summer.

6.) My last favourite (FINALLY) is a blush from MAC. Blushes for me personally, are a product I rarely buy. This is because I believe that no matter what blush I wear, it all looks the same on my face, and even if I was to buy a blush, it would always be a peachy pinky colour, as I believe that looks the nicest on my skintone. 

At Christmas I got my first blush from MAC in PEACHYKEEN. I instantly fell in love with it as it was the shade of blush I love, but for some reason it was so much better than any other blush I have tried. This is because it is highly pigmented, it adds some radiance due to the shimmer, and it also blends into my skin and skintone well making it look very natural.

Overall it is an amazing blush and I use it everyday. Hopefully in the future I can get into buying more different shades of blush, but for now I think I'm perfectly happy just wearing a colour I'm comfortable with.

So that's my current favourites! Apologies that it was a very long post, but hopefully it gave you readers ideas of future products to buy :)
See you in the next blog post!
Best Wishes
Emily xx

Weekend in London

Hey guys! So when I said that the next blog post would have been a favourites... lets just apply that to the next blog ;) as I thought I would just share with you some snaps I took while I was in London last weekend.

I only had one one full day there but it was still really amazing. Our plan was to go to the main attraction spots before heading over to the Cambridge Theatre to see MATILDA The Musical!!!!!! I was so excited :D!!!! 

The first place we went to was Camden Market. I have been there before, but it's not really a place that I would buy clothes from (mainly because you can't properly try them on) but I had a browse anyway and I did manage to find a nice bag for only £10. Other than that, it got incredibly busy so we were only there for about an hour. Guess that's what we get for going on a Saturday afternoon... 
Later in the day around 3:00pm we had a late lunch/dinner at the famous Ivy restaurant near Covent Garden. I have never been there before, mainly because it's way out of my budget, but my mum thought it would be a great place to go as a one off. Let me tell you that the food was so worth the money. I don't think I have had a nicer meal in my life. When I'm rich I'll eat there daily :D
After dinner it was down to the main reason why we came to London.... MATILDA. I was so excited to go see it as I love musicals, but I was particularly excited to see one of my favourite children's book and film on stage in a musical. IT WAS AMAZING!!!! Probably the best show I've seen, I felt so lucky to watch such an amazing performance, everything was so perfect. Straight after the show I wondered why my mum didn't force me to do musicals when I was younger as I would have loved to do something like that :') 

So overall I had an amazing couple of days in London, and I felt so lucky to have gone. Hopefully I'll go again soon and watch another show!!
Hope you enjoyed seeing what I got up to at the weekend.

Best Wishes 
Emily xxxx

Monday, 11 August 2014

WELCOME TO MY BLOG & 25 Facts About Me !!!

Hello everybody, my name is Emily and welcome to my new and improved blog! I first attempted to run a blog last year, but with revision, exams (mainly everything to do with sixth form) I found it a struggle to keep updating readers. On top of that, my laptop was extremely slow and old, meaning every time I tried to upload a new post, it kept failing. So after all that I decided to delete my blog which I didn't really want to do, but I thought it would be best to end it then and possibly create a new one in the future. And here I am now! :D

Since I have finished my exams and would soon be going to university, I thought this would be a great time for me to start a new blog as I can upload more posts and have much more interesting subjects to talk about. 
As I still love cosmetics, fashion, and all that girly stuff I will still be featuring posts of that nature such as: OOTD, FOTD, Monthly Favourites, reviews and possibly some tutorials. On top of that because I am moving to a completely new area soon (..and on my own!! ahhh :S) I will be posting advice on new students living alone and university life in general (maybe even some recipes). As well as this, I will no doubt be visiting my friends at other universities, therefore I can feature my days out and show the best sites in that area, events and all that good stuff :)

So in a nutshell, my blog will feature a whole range of different posts that would hopefully suite everyone and produce happy readers :)

Phew! Now that business is out of the way, I thought I could use my first post as an opportunity to let you readers know more about myself such as interests, habits etc. So I am doing 25 facts about me which should give you readers a general idea of what I'm about :) Here we go..!

1.) My full name is Emily Rebecca Watts
2.) I live in Nottingham, England
3.) I hope that in September I will be going to Liverpool John Moores University to study Drama. (results are in 4 days!!!!)
4.) I live with my mum, step-dad and older brother.
5.) I started performing in dance shows since I was 3 and I didn't stop until earlier this year due to exams. Bummer....
6.) I use to play the recorder, clarinet and the guitar. Although not very well.
7.) For some reason on of my favourite songs is 'Careless Whisper' by George Michael. Not sure why and it makes me laugh so much thinking about it.
8.) Although I don't really have a favourite film I love, Shutter Island, Finding Nemo, Anchorman, Step Brothers, Titanic and 127 hours. So basically comedies, or films that include gorgeous male actors (helloooo DiCaprio and Franco ;))
9.) I have a terrible habit of biting my nails.
10.) My favourite food is fried chicken, paella and sushi.
11.) For the past few years I have had an addiction to youtube and youtubers. Every time I log onto a computer I will go straight to youtube and be on there for hours! 
12.) I am a profession procrastinator, and I am not proud of it.
13.) If i hear music, I have a sudden urge to dance no matter where I am. 
14.) I love ABBA.
15.) I am beginning to have an obsession with Ed Sheeran.
16.)I'm 18
17.) For as long as I can remember I have wanted to become a journalist, that was until last year. Now I have no clue what I want to be.
18.) I thrive being around large crowds of people.
19.) I am the most disorganized person.
20.) My first and only paid job I have had is working in a cafe. Not a fan.
21.) I class myself as a Directioner, although not a psycho one.
22.) My favourite colour is turquoise.
23.) I desperately want to go to Australia for a holiday and to visit some of my family.
24.) I don't think I will ever be able to get over how hot Zac Efron is.
25.) Around 5 out of 7 days in the week I wear a pair of jeans. I just love them.

So there is 25 facts about me! Hopefully that gave you an insight into my life and my interests. Look out for the next blog post in the coming weeks.

SPOILER!!! It's a favourites ;)
In case any of you needed prom pose ideas ;)

Best Wishes
Emily  xxxx