Monday, 11 August 2014

WELCOME TO MY BLOG & 25 Facts About Me !!!

Hello everybody, my name is Emily and welcome to my new and improved blog! I first attempted to run a blog last year, but with revision, exams (mainly everything to do with sixth form) I found it a struggle to keep updating readers. On top of that, my laptop was extremely slow and old, meaning every time I tried to upload a new post, it kept failing. So after all that I decided to delete my blog which I didn't really want to do, but I thought it would be best to end it then and possibly create a new one in the future. And here I am now! :D

Since I have finished my exams and would soon be going to university, I thought this would be a great time for me to start a new blog as I can upload more posts and have much more interesting subjects to talk about. 
As I still love cosmetics, fashion, and all that girly stuff I will still be featuring posts of that nature such as: OOTD, FOTD, Monthly Favourites, reviews and possibly some tutorials. On top of that because I am moving to a completely new area soon (..and on my own!! ahhh :S) I will be posting advice on new students living alone and university life in general (maybe even some recipes). As well as this, I will no doubt be visiting my friends at other universities, therefore I can feature my days out and show the best sites in that area, events and all that good stuff :)

So in a nutshell, my blog will feature a whole range of different posts that would hopefully suite everyone and produce happy readers :)

Phew! Now that business is out of the way, I thought I could use my first post as an opportunity to let you readers know more about myself such as interests, habits etc. So I am doing 25 facts about me which should give you readers a general idea of what I'm about :) Here we go..!

1.) My full name is Emily Rebecca Watts
2.) I live in Nottingham, England
3.) I hope that in September I will be going to Liverpool John Moores University to study Drama. (results are in 4 days!!!!)
4.) I live with my mum, step-dad and older brother.
5.) I started performing in dance shows since I was 3 and I didn't stop until earlier this year due to exams. Bummer....
6.) I use to play the recorder, clarinet and the guitar. Although not very well.
7.) For some reason on of my favourite songs is 'Careless Whisper' by George Michael. Not sure why and it makes me laugh so much thinking about it.
8.) Although I don't really have a favourite film I love, Shutter Island, Finding Nemo, Anchorman, Step Brothers, Titanic and 127 hours. So basically comedies, or films that include gorgeous male actors (helloooo DiCaprio and Franco ;))
9.) I have a terrible habit of biting my nails.
10.) My favourite food is fried chicken, paella and sushi.
11.) For the past few years I have had an addiction to youtube and youtubers. Every time I log onto a computer I will go straight to youtube and be on there for hours! 
12.) I am a profession procrastinator, and I am not proud of it.
13.) If i hear music, I have a sudden urge to dance no matter where I am. 
14.) I love ABBA.
15.) I am beginning to have an obsession with Ed Sheeran.
16.)I'm 18
17.) For as long as I can remember I have wanted to become a journalist, that was until last year. Now I have no clue what I want to be.
18.) I thrive being around large crowds of people.
19.) I am the most disorganized person.
20.) My first and only paid job I have had is working in a cafe. Not a fan.
21.) I class myself as a Directioner, although not a psycho one.
22.) My favourite colour is turquoise.
23.) I desperately want to go to Australia for a holiday and to visit some of my family.
24.) I don't think I will ever be able to get over how hot Zac Efron is.
25.) Around 5 out of 7 days in the week I wear a pair of jeans. I just love them.

So there is 25 facts about me! Hopefully that gave you an insight into my life and my interests. Look out for the next blog post in the coming weeks.

SPOILER!!! It's a favourites ;)
In case any of you needed prom pose ideas ;)

Best Wishes
Emily  xxxx

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  1. Hello and welcome back to blogging, I hope you carry it on for a lot longer this time! I too have a bad habit of biting my nails, and I am a YouTube addict, it's slightly worrying how much I watch on there! Good luck with your results, I hope you manage to get what you need to get into the University of your choice!

    Amazzable xox

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