Sunday, 28 June 2015

First Impression: L'Oreal Infallible 24H-Matte Foundation

My skin has recently been getting a lot more oily than usual. And although I adore my ESTEE LAUDER DOUBLE WEAR FOUNDATION, I really wanted to see if there was a drugstore alternative that would work for me. 

I purchased the L'OREAL INFALLIBLE 24H-MATTE FOUNDATION (30 HONEY) just recently at ASDA as it was on offer for £6 so I thought why not?! I have tried the regular Infallible foundation and I honestly hated it! It was so thick and sticky, looked awful on my skin and didn't last at all, so I thought maybe this one would be better :)
This foundation has A LOT of hype online and while I was researching it, I realised the main focus was on the american version of the foundation called PRO MATTE as opposed to the English one I purchased. The formula might be different but I wasn't too sure so I went ahead and purchased it anyway.

I will say that the colour range of this foundation is very limited. I believe it has 6 shades and I purchased HONEY which is actually the darkest shade!!! I do fake tan and while trying this on I noticed it was a tad darker for me because my tan was wearing off, but I am shocked to realise that I was the darkest shade. So this isn't a very colour friendly foundation at all. The foundations also seemed very yellow based to me apart from one, so if you have cooler and pinker undertones, this may not be the best match for your skin.

ANYWAY onto the first impression.

I didn't use a primer before this foundation and I applied one side with a damp BEAUTY BLENDER and the other side with the REAL TECHNIQUES BUFFING BRUSH. Some foundations I have (particularly matte ones) seem to apply better with a beauty blender so I wanted to see which was best.

The constancy of the foundation was more liquidy than I thought. It set into the skin so quickly and was very easy to blend out. I personally felt that the BEAUTY BLENDER, made the foundation look more like 'skin' and a lot more natural than the brush. 

Before application
After application
With the rest of my makeup 
One coat gave a medium coverage and I applied more to where I needed it (obviously on my hideous spots). I almost felt that on the side with the brush it was 'too matte' and made my face look really powdery. But the sponge side was so airbrushed and natural.

Once everything was set and I applied concealer, blush, bronzer etc, I thought the foundation looked amazing!!!
I didn't apply a setting powder as I didn't want my face to look too matte and flat. 

After 4 hours of it being on my face it looked exactly the same as when I first applied it, the only thing was that it clinged to small dry patches round my nose. So if you have dry skin I would definately give this a miss unless you use an illuminating primer underneath .

At 8 hours I was shocked to see that my makeup was still flawless without a primer! The foundation did settle into my laugh lines and some lines around my eyes, but other than that it was flawless! I would have left it on for longer but the side with a brush felt really cakey and I really wanted to take it off. So when I use this again I would definately us a BEAUTY BLENDER. My forehead which is super oily was a little shiny but no oil seeping threw, meaning it kept my face at a nice demi-matte all day with no touch ups!!!
After 8 hours

Unfortunately I didn't get to try it for 24 hours like it claims to hold up, but 8 hours is the normal time I would like my foundation to stay for.


-Perfect for oily skin.
-Makes skin look airbrushed.
-Medium to full coverage.
-Amazing staying power.
-Looks natural when applied with a damp sponge.

-Sticks to some dry patches.
-Rubbish colour selection.
-Can settle into fine lines.
-Can sometimes look too matte/flat or cakey.

I give this foundation a 8/10. Still don't think it's as good as my doublewear, but still and amazing product for drugstore.

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