Friday, 7 November 2014

Life Update

Hey guys long time no see! First off I want to apologise for not posting in so long. Long story short I have recently moved to university and trying to sort out my life, and had little inspiration for a blog post for a while. I didn't feel comfortable just to put a random post that had little or no thought involved as I feel you guys deserve better. 
Now I have had time to think about future posts I have LOADS of idea's for blog posts in the up and coming months. Right now this isn't a beauty related post but more of a life update just to show you what's been happening, where I have been, and what to expect in the future.

So if you didn't already know I had an ambition to go to university in Liverpool this year, and I was luckily enough to get accepted and I moved up there in September! I am now a Liverpool John Moores University student studying BA Drama which I am super excited and happy for :D Going to uni was one of the best decisions I have made as not only do I get to study the subject I love in a city I love, but I have also met some amazing and talented people that I love to be around.

I will say one thing that if you have not been to Liverpool yet...GO. It is a brilliant city, especially for students as it has an amazing and lively atmosphere (including the nightlife) and it also has amazing attractions. I may sound like a travel agent right now but I'm just showing you how much I love the area and how moving here was the best decision ever for me. 


Sorry for the scrap book pictures but you get the gist that I'm loving uni.

In regards to why I hadn't posted in a while, in all honestly I was doubting myself with having a blog as it takes huge responsibility to maintain and I was worried whether I could commit myself to it. I was worried that history would repeat itself and I would delete my blog after a short while like last time as I felt like the content in it was useless. But now having so much inspiration for future posts I have no doubt anymore and I will continue to post on a regular basis. (Although prepare for some slight delays just incase my life is taken over by rehearsals and mountains of coursework)

Either way I am excited to start posting more on this next chapter in my life and also providing you guys with entertaining posts that you hopefully enjoy.

Have a great weekend you lovely people!

Lots of love 

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